Holy Eucharist

Dear Parents of Children for Sacraments,

This is a very special year for your child, as we begin the journey of their preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion/Eucharist. This year as the pandemic is coming to an end we will be returning to doing things the way they were done before the pandemic. 

Know that we at St. Gabriel are in partnership with you as parents, all during this preparation process. But you are the main and first teachers of the faith to your children. Note the following important information.

+Each child, who has been baptized in the Catholic Faith, a parent must complete & submit the Sacrament Preparation Registration Form. (This includes those children in St. Gabriel School AND/OR in Little Saints)

                        *Completed Sacrament Preparation Registration Form to be submitted NO LATER than September 16th

                                *If you have more than one child in preparation, complete separate form for each.

                                *Baptism Certificate needed for any child in Little Saints NOT baptized at St. Gabriel Church.

                                                *Baptism Certificates submitted no later than November 1st.

+Each child is required to have at least ONE parent attend the Sacrament Preparation Parent Meetings.

*Reconciliation Parent Meeting – Wednesday, September 22nd @ 6:30pm in the Gathering Space. PARENTS ONLY

*This is a very important meeting. Much information will be shared and the child’s preparation materials will be distributed. 

*The Sacramental Preparation material fee for ALL students is $15. Please bring the exact amount in cash or check written to St. Gabriel Church. (No change will be given & No credit cards.)

                                *If you cannot attend this important meeting please contact myself to schedule a time to meet.

+The week of September 16th, an email will be sent to parents, who have submitted a registration for their child in the Sacramental Preparation Program. The email will explain in more detail how prep will be carried out for ALL the children this academic year. Therefore, it is very important that the Registration Form is submitted by September 16th.

+Please know that ALL families of St. Gabriel Parish are invited to participate in Little Saints, whether your child goes to St. Gabriel School or another school. It is very important that if your child does not attend St. Gabriel School, they do register and participate in Little Saints. (Children of Little Saints ONLY must complete Sacramental Preparation Form AND Little Saints Registration Form.) Feel free to contact me with any questions or need any information.

God bless,

Logan Browns

Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry