Baptism, the first and fundamental sacrament and the gate to the other sacraments, is the purifying and sanctifying sacrament of rebirth. It is the means by which its recipients are incorporated into the church in Baptism. 

The parish welcomes your new child and offers the preparation necessary to celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism.  To have your child baptized at St. Gabriel, please complete the following steps:

1.  Registered parishioner of St. Gabriel Parish?  Click here if you are not registered.

2.  Complete the Baptismal Information Form.  Deacon Dan Brink will contact you to set up Baptismal Preparation Class and schedule date of Baptism.

3.  Print two Godparent Commitment Forms.

     -Godparents are to complete and sign form.

     -Godparents are to ask their pastor to sign their document and apply the parish seal.

     -Mail or hand deliver originals to Lori Langner in the Parish Office.


Please contact Lori Langner at 816-453-1183, ext. 202 if you have questions before registering or difficulties filling out the above forms.