Active Parishioners

Active Members of St. Gabriel Parish – Duties and Rights


The Duties of “Active Members” of our parish include:
  • Catholics in good standing within the Church
  • Have registered formally by filling out a registration form
  • Attend Mass regularly
  • Serve the parish through acts of ministry
  • Contribute generously to the financial support of the parish and its ministries
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The Rights of “Active Members” of our parish include:

  • The celebration of the Mass and Sacraments on a regular basis
  • The opportunity to grow in knowledge of the faith through:
    • Sacramental Preparation
    • Catholic School
    • Little Saints religious education program
    • EDGE Middle School religious education program
    • Youth education and service programs
    • Adult Faith Formation
    • Pastoral Counseling and Visitation


  • The use of parish facilities at a reduced rate (based on availability)
  • The use of the food pantry / emergency assistance of the St. Vincent de Paul Society