Friends of Prayer

The members of "Friends of Prayer" meet every other Saturday (2nd and 4th) at 8:00 am in the church to pray for the flourishing and strengthening of the sidewalk counseling ministry of our diocese.  These men and women are out on the sidewalks every weekend, in all kinds of weather, sharing the message of hope and life to those who may feel they have no other option than to end the life of their unborn baby.  These counselors provide the knowledge and resources in directing them to the person or place where they can find this hope and save the life they carry within them.

Our prayer gatherings consist of praying together the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and from time to time the Stations of the Cross... basically prayer, intercession and support for those who are on the front lines saving a human life, a human soul.

Sometimes we may receive an urgent prayer request from those on the sidewalks; an immediate prayer need of a life hanging at that very moment.  We then would directly send this out to all the members for prayer, from whatever location you are at, through text or email, asking for immediate prayer in saving this life!

Attendance is not required each Saturday and the time you spend in prayer is left up to the member's availability of that morning (30 minutes to an hour) - just your willingness to be present in spirit if you cannot be there physically that day.

We have chosen Our Lady of Guadalupe Intercessor of the Unborn as our Patron here at St. Gabriel.



Our Lady of Life, ask Your Son, Jesus to protect, strengthen and encourage the sidewalk counselors in their ministry to save a human life and to save a human soul.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Intercessor of the Unborn, ask Your Son, Jesus to send more intercessors to our Friends of Prayer group as members we lift up in prayer those whom you have chosen to walk the sidewalks and give voice to life.